treasure map 2008

i created a treasure map the last two years during the aries new moon on the suggestion of a well-respected woman on a message board i frequent. i am not into the secret laws of attraction and i don't really believe in astrology, but nonetheless i've been doing this exercise within the time constraints and with a lot of focus and gusto. mostly i just like the opportunity to think about what i want in the coming year and see it as a visual to-do list. i'm big on to-do lists. i love the act of crossing things off. this treasure map thing, though, is more of a psychological to-do list of all the things i want to do, be, and become. it's groovy and weird, but works quite well as a reminder to myself. i see it more like a process of personal manifestation than a universal or spiritual manifestation. at any rate, the unveiling (also on flickr, with more descriptions):

the abundance affirmation reads:
Everything I need or want I have and am. I live without stress or worry. I am prepared for the future and supplied for the present.
the fame/reputation affirmation reads:
I am admired and respected for my courage, honesty, and wisdom. I am well-liked and appreciated.

the relationship affirmation reads:
I am deeply in love with Jon. We share a profound connection which forms a strong foundation of acceptance, understanding, and respect. We live a life of mutual passion and devotion to core values.

the family affirmation reads:
I am a good mother and partner. I am gentle and caring. My family shares their love and vulnerabilities with me and we all support one another in our growth and endeavors.

the health affirmation reads:
I am strong and full of energy. I breathe deeply, move, and rest. I eat well, filling myself with the highest quality nutrition. My body is a source of power.

the creativity affirmation reads:
I am brilliant and energetic. My imagination is boundless and my projects come together well.

the self-knowledge and travel affirmation reads:
I love and respect myself. I recognize that my strengths and weaknesses are intertwined. I travel to new places that enlighten and inspire me.

the work affirmation read:
My work life is successful, stimulating, and profitable. My work fits well into my family life. Everything gets done with ease and grace.

the helpful people affirmation reads:
There are people in my life who offer unconditional love, support and encouragement for all my efforts. People I love come to my aid if necessary.


the frenzy of my existence goes on without end. one busy month leads to another and another. spring finally pokes her head through the snow and i am full to overflowing with the energy to do and do and do. it is treasure mapping time, a weird shout-out to the universe that i don't precisely believe in, but use as a way of seeing the future, of putting it down on paper. i find it really beneficial, actually. and my excitement floods me and flows and flows and flows. when will the crash come? will it ever? i don't at all necessitate the crash. i don't at all necessitate the falling off of edges for seemingly no reason at all. i hope to end hope that i am able, within myself, to dictate the need for pause and the places wherein it can exist calmly and silently without undue burden or tragedy. we will see. we will see.

in other news, this website needs a complete overhaul because i can no longer update anything but the blog thanks to my idiot decision to use frontpage. this has been true for about a year. unfortunately, i have zero time to do anything about it. it will come eventually, i swear. or hope. also, i'm doing some performances. i'll update more on that later. right now, i'm about to turn twenty-nine and must, at this moment, go update my driver's license. which i know is not the sort of thing i ever blog about, and i apologize.