annakiss vs. casserole dish: a photo tour

saturday dinner
note green bean casserole dish, smiling family, feasting on poultry carcass (not i - i had eggplant parmesean and turkey seitan (praise seitan!))

in a flurry of dish washing, right wrist becomes slashed, lands me in an ambulance wrapped in gauze with an iv drip in my left arm, preventing almost all forelimb movement. morphine ensues en route (scary needles in moving vehicle!)

sterile field prepared for cleansing, further inspection and loose, superficial suturing to await surgery two days later

frankensteinian stitches, still detached tendons tucked carefully within

sunday nap, on the phone with ana, pondering the philosophical implications of near death

monday migraine appears sensuous on the table at the hand surgeon's

ana calls it "creepy sexy"


monday night before surgery, left-handed myspacing, talking to everyone on the phone

jon on way to surgery center

annakiss and clyo the hand-bandage ready for action

awaiting sedation

examining iv: discomfort

i wanna be sedated

post surgery disorientation

my stoned, confused method of telling jon "no more pics"

recovering at home in the electronic chair for geriatrics

sebastian and i discussing important matters

sebastian sucking down the narcotics via boobyjuice

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