i will blame you, the people of this country, if bush is elected. i will blame you for the undoing of every positive democratic measure of the last 70 years, the bankrupting of social security, the shipping of jobs overseas, the mass consumption of oil, rampant consumerism, mass homophobia, racism, the degradation of our forests, the collapse of all positive environmental policies into an oil regime, the destruction of everything that i believe to be good about america. and i will not go quietly into my hole and shut up about it. i will be loud and i will be obnoxious. i will blame you and i will stick my finger in your face for your misplaced values and your malshapen morals. i am pregnant with my second child and i want only for that child to have a world to grow up in with clean air and water and a social fabric that values life and appreciates diversity. i want so badly to remain hopeful, but at three in the morning i find myself in tears, filled with an outrage that i had not known possible. when all the world was full of possibility, this country bankrupted of a sense of justice folded under the weight of their own ego. what a disappointment you have become.

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