i went away and had a baby. well, really i didn't go anywhere. but i was pregnant and now i'm not anymore. now i have a son and it is the most important thing i have ever done. he was born with a cleft lip and palate and that makes things harder. especially now because i moved away from my family so my husband could go to grad school and i'm suddenly a stay-at-home mom dealing with a post-partum body and little to no sleep for more than two months now, two thousand miles away from everything i know. but i am in love with my son more than i have ever been in love with anyone. and that makes me a better person. i swear it does.

maybe i will get back to blogging when i can. maybe it will provide the necessary me time and the release that i need sometimes. maybe i'll leave this here until it disappears. but i thought i'd let the world know that i still exist. if you cared to know.

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