I Have Something To Say. Everything that I believe in tells me that this war is wrong. I do not believe in God, I am not God-fearing, but I am opposed to the killing of people. I am opposed to the killing of people in the name of self-righteousness, I am opposed to the killing of people in the name of oil prices, I am opposed to the killing of people in the name of vengeance. It is remarkable to me that this nation should be so arrogant as to assume a moral superiority, to assume an understanding of the value of life, to assume righteousness in the face of "evil". If I did believe in God, as our leaders claim to, as the terrorists claim to, and as something like 95% of the world claims to, I would most certainly not fly airplanes into buildings in God's name and I would most certainly not claim that my freedom was more valuable, more superior, or more valid than someone else's by using the excuse of an attack to stifle the civil freedoms of my own citizens, or "defend a way of life that allows companies like Boeing to get rid of 30,000 people" (http://www.michaelmoore.com/). I have been unable in the last month to understand the perspectives and the goals of those in power when everything I see tells me that all of our muscle-flexing and all of our safety measures will result in nothing but the destruction of some mountains in Afghanistan, the deaths of lots of innocent and some guilty people, and the restraining of freedom, the reduction of freedom here in the U.S. and abroad. Isn't the most basic right the freedom to live? Doesn't killing someone by the rationale of "an eye for an eye" because they took the freedom to live from Americans seem a bit medieval, a little backwards? "An Eye for an Eye" hasn't worked for the last two thousand years and I have serious doubts that it will suddenly start freeing people the world over. Los Angeles gangs demonstrate this concept perfectly - someone gets killed so the deceased's "family" must then take revenge for his death which results in some accidental death (because several people get taken out at once in street fights or drive-bys) which must then be avenged and the cycle repeats, ad infinitum. Somehow, this idea of cause-and-effect (and effect and effect and effect, etc.) has been lost on our nation's trusted leaders as well as most of their supporters and a lot of their detractors. More importantly, aren't these effects a tad immoral? Doesn't it just come down to that? Isn't killing people wrong? And interestingly enough, isn't it uncanny the way that speedy measures are being taken to "ensure domestic tranquility" by passing legislation that allows U.S. law enforcement authorities to spy on U.S. citizens, by dropping bombs on people you and I have never seen half-way around the world, and by guaranteeing the cooperation of the U.S. media with huge defense contracts for its owners? What we are witnessing is "bucket" politics - the roof is leaking all over and we're grabbing at buckets rather than fixing the roof. More aptly, we are shooting holes in the roof.

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