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evolveintobirds said...

The link is not taking me anywhere new and exciting. :(

I came across your page when I Googled "cultivating joy unschool". That took me to a page on Mothering.com where you said stuff that was exactly what I was thinking. I'm a snarky, skeptical, pessimist. Something that I say to people often is "if you expect the worst it's even better when you are pleasantly surprised". I get so much crap for that. And sorry for leaving this in the comments but there in no linky-link for your email.

I'd be really bummed if that was the last post you ever wrote. I've been going through the archives getting reassurance that I'm not a horrible mother. Not because you are worse (lol)...but because I've been struggling lately with the "shouldn't our lives be all sparkly and shit?" guilt trip to be found in the unschooling circles. My kids aren't happy right now and I'm really broke and I'm Googling phrases like "can a pessimist ever change?" and "how to be joyful when you are too damned realistic". Please tell me you are still writing somewhere!

anna kiss said...

It won't be the last post I write. I'm sorry I didn't respond to your post sooner. I've been neglecting all of the blogliness in my life out of other busyness. I apologize. See the most recent post for more commiseration. xo