eyes wide open drinking the buzz of the television set, the buzz of the computer screen, words screamed in binary, flying over wires to project the terror and the rage of the first world turned third, of the truth of systematic racism turned blatant, of the continued failure of a pathetic administration. i look at my babies and i am terrified of the possibilities. the sight of dehydrated, listless children forgotten in the streets in the chemical wasteland that is now new orleans is burned forever in my brain. i shut my eyes and my ears against it, but the buzz continues on in my head, rolling over and over the most outrageous, the most despicable, the shameful, the atrocious, the undeniable, the unthinkable, the undoable unfolding day by day on my television screen. i am just so......saddened. i am so exhusted by my fury. to the people who are victims, i will think of you. to the people whose reaction was terrible, i will not forget.

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