i have always had my own way of organizing things. when i was little, i used to take string and tie it to anything that was standing still. since i was extraordinarily small, even for a five-year-old, the string was all very low to the ground. i created immense anna-webs. my mother said i used to organize her shoes also. now that i am somewhat older, i still have incredible urges to organize or list things. i love blank legal pads. i cannot wait to fill them up. the yellow ones are especially nice. i would like very much to make my very own high fidelity-esque lists of five things. but lots of people do it. here are some good ones. i did some lists of ten recently. then other people did some. so here goes.

top five reasons i'm typing this right now

1. i'd rather not be doing work.
2. i have this idea that people actually read this.
3. so someone will e-mail me their list.
4. i'm an ego-maniac and like the idea of publicizing myself.
5. i'm a control freak and making lists just seems appropriate.

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